Swathi tutorials, the name itself bring my childhood memories back to me. It is this place that laid foundations for all my success and my future endeavors. It instilled values and morals into me at my tender age, which are a part of my existence now and I still follow till date. It didn’t just feed me with knowledge; it helped me to gather the wisdom which proved to be much more important than the knowledge itself. It gave me exposure to the world outside, may that be competitions, organizations, fest or events. The concepts and knowledge that I learnt then are being useful even in my post-graduation today. The lion’s share of my success is always because of my foundations from Swathi tutorials. I have always been and will always be a part of Swathi tutorials and I am proud to be one.

                                                                                                                   Sri Vaishnavi Polineni

 IIM, Bangalore. 


"You must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a superstructure." All the foundation for my success was taught to me by Swathi tutorials. It isn't just a tutorials but a platform to explore one's knowledge and implement it. I've been taught to improve my communication skills, confidence levels, handwriting skills, my behavioral skills and what not... Each and everything I learnt from here has encouraged me to step towards my success. Today, I'm a successful independent woman & all the credits to my parents and Swathi tutorials. Yes, I'm very proud to shout out "I'm a student of Swathi tutorials."


Nikhila Polsani

Associate software engineer, Tech Mahindra 


 I learnt a lot from Swathi tutorials specially time sense, discipline and moral values. In our tutorials day begin with meditation so that it results improving in memory power. Swathi tutorials brought out my hidden talent and encouraged me in all ways. Special classes for all subjects brought improvement in each and every student. Encouraging students not only in studies but also in other activities specially competitive exams. I think it is the biggest advantage to the students to have such a great institute. “Till my last breathe I`m proud to say a student of Swathi tutorials”. My bond with Swathi tutorials never lasts.

Jyothi Appala

Pursuing M. A. English. (HCU) 


I thank Swathi tutorials for providing me such a strong foundation and for showing me how to stand my ground and have the kind of skills that I can be proud of. I count myself lucky for being a member of Swathi tutorials.

Deepthi Ravikanti

Technical Associate, DBS Bank

I would like to thank Swathi tutorials for the enthusiasm and vast knowledge they have shown to all of us. It had always been a pleasure to come and attend classes at this place. I would extremely like to express my gratitude to Swathi tutorials for molding me into what I am today. Wise lectures shaped me into a complete human. Swathi tutorials has definitely played a major part in my life. It was not only a subject we were taught, but also how to live in the society. I even got socialized better by interacting with teachers in Swathi tutorials and made myself improve a lot. This Swathi tutorials has strongly left a great impression in all our hearts because it is it who made us better products of this society. 


Sravani Pakala

Pursuing MBBS, Khammam 


SWATHI TUTORIALS is an institute remarkable change in my life. I feel that it’s a god gift to me because I am a below average student from government school. Today I got a police job among 5.3 lakh competitors because the way of teaching and motivation changed my attitude, level of thinking and confidence level. The attention and care shown in institute is priceless. I am very thankful to SWATHI TUTORIALS.

Prashanth Pathakala

Constable, Telangana Special Protection Force 

A tree full of knowledge, wisdom, values, respect and responsibility is SWATHI TUTORIALS which modules their students as a good human being in the society. The bodhi tree tought what is life to buddha, like as SWATHI TUTORIALS tought me how to be in life. I may be any position in my life but i am always a student of SWATHI TUTORILAS. It has a very special place in my life and heart which never ever changes. 

 Sandhya Ramini